How to fix “License Verification Failed” Error on Android [Tutorial]

Want to learn how to remove and fix “license Verification Failed” Errors  which can occur while installing APK’s? This is the tutorial for you!
It can be a very annoying experience: Finally installing an app that took forever to download, only to find out that it won’t install because of a   “License Verification Failed”  error.

Luckily, this can be fixed, and we will teach you how.
There are 2 different ways of fixing the error.

The first one is using  Lucky Patcher.
Lucky Patcher is an  Android tool that  removes ads,  Bypasses premimium checks and removes our problem: the license verification error.  Your device needs to be rooted in order to do this.
You can test whether your device is rooted or not HERE.

Download Lucky Patcher  (Link)

 How to Remove License Verification with Lucky Patcher

- Only use original apk files.
- open the app and select  Software ->  “Remove License Verification!”;
- Select “Auto mode” and test Application with Internet;
- If the result is negative, Select “Extreme Auto mode”;
- If you’re lucky, your program will be registered;
- To return Application to its original state, you need to tap “Remove ODEX with Changes”.
The Second Method is using a Modded Google Play store.

Download the modded play store from Here
Remove your original play store and install the modded version.
Now you can use app protected with Google LVL (License Verification Library) without cracking.
Verify license in offline mode.
Good luck!
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