[Tutorial] Flappy Bird Unlimited score Cheat/Hack For Android/IOS [Working]

Want to learn how to hack your Flappy Bird Highscore ? This is the easy  working  Android/IOS tutorial you’re looking for.

This is the Android Version of the tutorial. Click Here for the Iphone/ipad version.

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Keep in mind that this is a simple hack. It isn’t dangerous, however  not  following the  steps closely may result in a crashing game.

1.  Make sure that your Android device is rooted. Learn how to root your device here.

2. Delete flappy bird from your device and install it again. Play the game once and get a highscore of at least 1.

3. Install and open this app.

4. Go to the tools menu on the left of the app.

5. Turn on Root Explorer.

6.  Go to /Device ( in the explorer app)

7. Go to the folder Labeled data

8.  Search for another data folder in the folder that you opened at  step 7.

9. Open the Flappy Bird file ( Which can also be found by using the search bar)

10. Open shared_prefs

11.Open FlappyBird.xml

12. Use the ES Note Editor to open the file

13. Select the edit option in the upper left corner

14. Now you can change the High Score value to whatever you like!

15. Do not forget to save!

That’s all!


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Having difficulties getting this hack to work?  Here is a video that might help you.

Do not hesitate to ask any questions in the comment section below this post!








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